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Every SHIFTPHONE is created with a passion for detail; stylish, yet minimalist. Design without frills. Even if you’re not familiar with Android-phones, you will soon feel comfortable integrating your SHIFTPHONE into your existing digital ecosystem.


It is important to us that you enjoy your SHIFTPHONE for as long as possible. The storage is expandable and the battery can be changed easily. Repairs are inexpensive and you can even take matters into your own hands: we can send you the parts enabling you to fix your SHIFTPHONE yourself!

100% LOVE

The people creating your SHIFTPHONE matter to us. We care about good working conditions, fair wages, and healthy working hours. And of course we will not allow child labour at any stage of the production of your SHIFTPHONE. The conflict mineral coltan is not used in any SHIFT device and we keep our impact on nature as small as possible. Read more in the SHIFT-Report 2019.

SHIFT phones have been developed by a small family business in Germany without investors. They have a clear goal; to do as much good and as little damage as possible. Similarly, our New Zealand team takes this goal very seriously. All aspects of the manufacturing process are carried out with the highest levels of social and environmental consciousness. Furthermore, we don’t take any personal profits and all net proceeds will be donated to environmental and philanthropic causes.

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